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ALP50 Hydrogen Detector This model can rapidly, within 5 minutes,complete a qualitative test on hydrogen/gas content status of AL melt before casting,therefore to decide whether the metal melt is casting ready; Details >>
ALP80 Hydrogen Detector This model can rapidly, within 5 minutes, complete a qualitative test on hydrogen/gas content status of copper or aluminum melt before casting, Details >>
ALP30 Flux Sprayer The device can quickly spray refining flux into Al melt, and can adjust the speed of the flux by adjusting different gas pressures, it can provide refining agent for small furnace or transfer ladles or for large melting furnace for rapid refining; Details >>
ALP90 Lab Degasser ALP90 is specially designed for crucible furnaces with caliber less than 600mm. It is a full-function and mechanical-electrical integration super small degassing unit. Details >>
ALP100 OnLining Degasser ALP100 is a suspended degassing device, specially designed for furnaces installed in small rooms; Details >>
ALP150 Suspended Degassing Machine ALP150 is a pot-cover degasser specially designed for copper melt degassing, featuring high temperature resistance. Its cover bottom outer diameter is φ900mm, fitting round furnaces with inner diameters less than 900mm. Details >>
ALP180 Suspended Degassing and Refining Machine ALP180 is a design based on ALP180, additional equipped with auto feeder and baffle lift mechanism to achieve automation of feeding, suction and baffle up & down. Details >>
ALP200 Mobile Degasser ALP200 is a mobile integrated degasser with an electric lift. The system can be manually moved to any degassing position in factories. Details >>
ALP220 Tiltable Degassing Machine ALP220 is a mobile degasser designed to on-line degas for low pressure forging furnaces, and can be manually moved. The unit can electric tilt 0~60 into the furnace and spin for degassing. Details >>
ALP230 Battery Driven Degasser ALP230 is an integrated mobile degasser driven by battery with controllable speed and auto-lift; Details >>
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