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ALP100 OnLining Degasser


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  • Alupure Onlining Degassing Machine

Device Description

ALP100 is a suspended degassing device, specially 

designed for furnaces installed in small rooms;

Technical Parameters

1.Mode Type: Direct-cap Square Type or Adjustable 
4-leg Support Type;
2.Power: 220V~50Hz or 380V~50Hz, 1.5KW  
3.Rotor Speed: 0~600RPM, adjustable
4.Degassing Medium: 99.996% pure nitrogen or argon;
5.Gas Flow: 0.25~2.5Nm3/H, adjustable 


ALP100 Suspended Degassing System


ALP100 Main Application


ALP100 is an exquisite device specifically design mainly for furnaces in limited space degassing rooms. Small size and light weight, it flexibly meets requirements for in-line melting/holding furnaces. The system can be installed at required positions for in-line or indirect degassing. Usage of 99.996% pure nitrogen or argon is recommended.


ALP100 Mechanical Parameters


1.Rotor belt driven, speed from 0~600 RPM, speed display adjustable, time settable, one  button control mode is available.

2.External dry air connecting to cool motor, main spindle and bearing to prevent overheat.

3.Excellent insulated, can be used for online degassing uninterrupted.

4.Over-head suspension hook equipped, convenient for crane installation.


ALP100 Electrical Parameters


1.Button press control box.

2.Power: 3-phase 380V50Hz, 1.5Kw

3. Speed from 0~600RPM, data display adjustable, gas flow volume 0.252.5Nm3/H, adjustable.

4.Inert gas: industrial dry nitrogen or argon, 99.996% pure.

5.Degassing gas input pressure: 0.40.6MPa, auto gas replace warning when pressure lower than 0.2 Mpa.

6.Manual and auto mode, switchable, LED display, auto warning after degassing. 

7.Degassing time setting : 0.01S999H, adjustable.

8.One button full-auto mode available after parameter setting.

9.Manual emergency shut-down button.


ALP100 Advantages


1.Small size, easy to locate, can be applied for multiple furnaces or melting/holding furnace for in-line degassing.

2.Button press control, simple and easy, manual/auto mode switchable, auto control available, no human supervision required.

3.Degassing time can be customized, light warning when time ends.

4.Efficient usage of nitrogen or argon, less degassing time, automatic degassing

5.High efficiency degassing, more homogenized melt produced.

6.Remarkable degassing effects, higher casting yield, improving casts mechanical performance.

7.Best rotate speed and gas volume setting available according to various melts density.

8.Compact and durable, low cost maintenance.

9.Customized heat insulating covers can greatly reduce heat loss;


ALP100 Degassing Principles


Inject pre-set quantity of inert gas into theALmet through rotating graphite shaft and rotor. The rotor disperses the inert gas into millions of small bubbles, evenly into the melt. Small inert gas bubbles capture hydrogen and nonmetallic impurities, then altogether flow to the melt surface.

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