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ALP90 Lab Degasser


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  • Aluminum Degassing Machine

Device Description

It is specifically designed for small caliber crucible 
furnaces or narrow degassing chambers, especially 
suitable for research laboratories or  research 
institutes to manufacture precious metal products 
or handicrafts.

Technical Parameters

1.Install Type: Fixed Install, forward-backward mobility 
or left-right turn;
2.Lift Travel: ≤700mm;
3.Application Range: Furnace inner diagram ≤500mm, 
depth ≤500mm, outer diagram ≤1200mm;
4.Power: Single Phase 220V~50Hz, 1kw;
5.Rotary Speed: 0~600RPM, adjustable;


ALP90 Mini Degasser


ALP90 Main Application


ALP90 is a mini degasser integrated with a electric lift. Though small in size, it has all the functions an industrial grade degasser should possess. It is specifically designed for small caliber crucible furnaces or narrow degassing chambers, especially suitable for research laboratories or  research institutes to manufacture precious metal products or handicrafts. ALP90 is built with a touch screen control panel and based on 220V power source. Degassing medium is 99.996% pure dry nitrogen or argon and can be supplied by gas cylinders. Equipped with an independent cooling device, the system need no outer compressor for cooling.


ALP90 Mechanical Features


1.Compact device, required only one person to move, ratable type and fixed or mobile types are optional .

2.Device preferences can be customized according to requirements.

3.Gear type lift, fast, stable and low maintenance.

4.Rotor belt driven, speed from 0~600RPM, speed display, time setting adjustable, one button automation available.

5.Travel adjustable for furnaces of various depths.

6.The device is equipped with an independent air cooling fan to prevent over heat.


ALP90 Electrical Parameters and Features


1.Extra large touch screen control panel.

2.Power: Single phase 220V. Capacity 1KW

3.Touch screen settings, rotor speed can be set from 0600 RPM, speed display adjustable,  flow rate from 0.252.5Nm3/H, adjustable.

4.Degassing medium: dry industrial nitrogen or argon, purity 99.996% or higher.

5.Degassing gas input pressure: 0.40.6MPa, auto warning and gas replace alert when pressure lower than 0.2Mpa. 

6.Optional in auto or manual mode, switchable.

7.Degassing time setting device: 0.01S999H, adjustable.

8.Auto degassing under auto mode, rotor automatically stops and elevates after degassing, and shuts down gas supply.

9.One button auto mode available after parameter setting.

10.Manual emergency shut-down button available


ALP90 Advantages


1.Compact device, 90° left or right  turn available rotary type, fixed or mobile available. Suitable for small crucible furnaces with calibers within 200-500mm, best degassing choice for institute or research laboratories.

2.Extra large touch screen control panel, rotation speed, degassing time and gas flow volume can be set according to process demands.

3.Electric up&down, rotary or fixed or mobile features, convenient for consumable parts replacement.

4.Easy-to-learn operation, manual/auto mode switchable, one button full-auto control ready.

5.Auto descent degassing in full-auto mode, LED warning display and auto elevation after degassing.

6.Efficiently use of nitrogen or argon, no labor mixing required, less degassing time and degassing automation.

7.High efficiency degassing with remarkable effects, more homogenized metal melt.

8.Best rotate speed and gas volume setting available to suit various melts density.

9.Compact and durable, low cost maintenance.


ALP90 Degassing Principles


Inject pre-set quantity of inert gas into theALmet through rotating graphite shaft and rotor. The rotor disperses the inert gas into millions of small bubbles, evenly into the melt. Small inert gas bubbles capture hydrogen and nonmetallic impurities, then altogether flow to the melt surface.

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