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ALP700 Giant Degassing Machine


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  • ALP700 Battery Driven Rail Degasser

Device Description

ALP700 is a complete customized design according to 
clients’ demands, an electric rail mobile mixing 
device specialized for extra large furnaces. 

Technical Parameters

1.Components: Mixing device, mobile rail flatcart, rail 
 forklift, direction shift turntable;
2.Rail Spec: International Track Gauge 1435mm, P38 rail;
3.Drive Type: Built-in battery driven, forward and 
  backward movement, with auto-locating system;
4.Battery: D230A/24V, full battery duration 8 hrs;
5.Mixing Device Spec: Height 7 meters, weight 6000Kg;
6.Power: 380V~50Hz,Lift Motor Capacity: 5.5Kw,
  MixerShaft Drive: 4.0Kw;


ALP700 Built-in Battery Rail Mobile Degasser


ALP700 Main Application


ALP700 is an electric rail mobile degassing system specially designed for silicon mixing and refining in solar industries. The system consists of two major parts, the flatcar and the degasser. The flatcar is driven by rechargeable built-in battery, no external power source needed when in movement. External power is only needed for the degasser. Track gauge for the flatcar are designed according to National Standards, Powerful and stable battery, with long durability. The degasser is designed with large square tubes as supporting poles, with firm structure. Dual-chain lift degassing arms, stable and fast up & down, smooth and safe operation. Degassing medium can be specified according to clients process. 


ALP700 Mechanical Parameters


1.Electric rail flatcar can move forward and backward. The flatcar is built with a battery-driven hydraulic pump and 4 hydraulic cylinders to support the whole system, avoiding operation vibration transmitted to rails and causing track wheel derail.  

2.Both system front and back are installed with anti-collision auto-brake devices. System auto-locks at power off.

3.Built-in battery can drive forward and backward movements and the hydraulic pump. Power display meter on the battery and specialized charger equipped. System can be auto-locked. Operator can move along with the system and operate on the cart.

4.Square tubes as system supporting poles, with firm structure. Dual-chain lift suspension arm, fast and stable.

5.Degassing functions are powered by external power source.

6.Dual-belt driven rotors, speed from 0~600RPM, data display adjustable, can be set as one press full-auto mode.

7.System is equipped with manual handle to elevate degassing arms when power off.

8.Fast connectors for air cooling fans, spindle and bearing, avoiding system damage caused by overheat.


ALP700 Electrical Parameters


1.Integrated flatcar and system control.

2.Power: Built-in battery: 24V~200A, External degassing power: 380V50Hz, 4Kw

3.Rotor speed control  from 0~600RPM, data display adjustable. Can be customized according to clients demands.

4.Degassing medium: variable according to clients process.

5.Degassing gas input pressure: variable according to clients process, with low gas pressure auto warning and alert for gas bottle replacement.

6.Manual and auto mode, switchable. 

7.Degassing time setting device: 0.01S999H, adjustable.

8.Auto degassing under auto mode, auto-stop spinning and auto-lifting after degassing, auto stop gas supply.

9.One button full-auto mode available after parameter setting.

10.Manual emergency shut-down buttons for both electric rail flatcar and degasser.

ALP700 Advantages


1.Degasser is carried by rechargeable built-in battery-driven rail flatcar which is powerful and smooth in movement. The whole system can be lifted by 4 hydraulic cylinders to detach the tracks when in degassing. Operator can move along the cart. Easy operation and no professional training required.

2.The system can move forward and backward, with anti-collision and auto-lock functions.

3.Large square tubes supporting, firm structure, suitable for high and extra large degassing furnaces.

4.Dual-chain lift driven up & down suspension arms, fast and smooth.

5.Easy-to-learn degassing operation, manual/auto mode switchable, one press full-auto mode available.

6.Degassing time settable, auto-descent degassing, light warning after degassing and auto-elevation.

7.One man is enough for safe operation for rail flatcar and degasser.

8.Emergency shut-down button for both rail flatcar and degasser.

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