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Degassing Tubes Degassing Diffuser


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    Alupure porous graphite degassing Tubes/ Diffuser

    Round Degassing Tube

    Round Degassing Tube

    Round Degassing Tube

    Alupure porous graphite degassing Tubes or diffuser purging gas tubes are processed by imported special porous graphite, the tiny pores are uniformly dense, no need to rotate when used, only need to input a small amount of refined gas to form a large number of fine bubbles, these countless small bubbles in the aluminum liquid floating process adsorbed hydrogen, oxides and gas inclusions in the melt, so as to bring those harmful stuffs to the liquid surface so that aluminum melt can be more clean; The more small bubbles, the better the degassing effect;

    Scope Of Use:

    Crucible furnace, pouring ladle, small melting furnace, small holding furnace, special flow trough, or occasions where stirring degassing rotor cannot be used;


    The degassing tube or diffuser adopts imported porous graphite material, which has many advantages such as non-stick aluminum, resistance to aluminum erosion, heat shock resistance, small and uniform porosity, simple operation, easy to use, etc., and is placed in the aluminum liquid without stirring and rotating to form a large number of fine bubbles distributed in the aluminum liquid, especially suitable for the occasion when the stirred degassing rotor cannot be used; Compared with stirred graphite consumables, because the tube is placed in the aluminum liquid still, its life is 4 to 5 times the life of the stirred graphite rod, and the required gas flow under the same conditions is less than that of the stirred type;


    Product disadvantages:

    Since degassing tube or diffuser belongs to the static bubble degassing and lack of mechanical stirring, its degassing time is longer and uneven, and the degassing effect is not as good as the stirring degassing effect, so it is most suitable for small volume melt degassing; It is recommended to use stirred degassing for larger volumes of melt;

    Directions for use:

    Before use, it is necessary to bake to 300 to remove moisture, the degassing gas is nitrogen or argon with a purity of more than 99.99%, and the refining time depends on the cleanliness, volume and casting requirements of the aluminum molten. The depth of immersion of the diffuser depends on the depth of the molten aluminum, which is generally 50 to 100mm from the bottom. During the degassing process, the fiffuser can be slowly moved back and forth to achieve a uniform degassing effect. Please keep the gas on when trying to take the tube out of the molten surface to prevent clogging.

    Product Specifications:


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